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Physio and music

Mixing my two passions 

There's something I'm as passionate about as physio, and that's music!

My dad and brother were major influences. My brother played the violin, and every time we attended a concert, I felt a deep connection to the breathtaking pieces. My heart would race, and I often found myself close to tears.

Growing up, I was quite self-conscious, and I only ventured into the music world later in life, during my time in physio school. It all started with a campus chamber orchestra performance, featuring a rendition of Juan Luis Guerra's "Cuando te beso" (When I Kiss You), which reignited my musical spark. I decided to take action and, yes, I even dusted off the Yellow Pages to enroll in music lessons. This choice opened up a world of possibilities, leading me to study singing and eventually join the acclaimed Simon Bolivar National Youth Choir.

I had the privilege of performing under the baton of extraordinary conductors like Gustavo Dudamel, Krzysztof Penderecki, Maria Guinand, Lourdes Sanchez, Christian Vasquez, and many more. Sometimes, it's still hard to believe.

For all you musicians and music enthusiasts out there, you'll understand how challenging it is to step away from it. I was right in the middle of my internships and physio school, and time was scarce. So, I made the tough choice to take a break from music. However, I channeled my passion into my thesis, focusing on the community.


To my surprise, I discovered a significant need for practitioners who could truly understand what musicians go through and the importance of tailoring treatments to the unique demands of their occupation.


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